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Fobase Magfaster:Fastest Ever Magnetic Touch Charging System

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Supercharge your life with the fastest magnetic touch charging system. Includes Car Mount, Gaming & Desk Dock, Power Bank, iPhone Case

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The Revolutionary Magnetic Charging Eco-System

The Magfaster Magnetic touch fast charging kit comes with a magnetic pad and four magnetic docks for different uses. Each dock was designed with your daily smartphones in mind. And every dock features a magnetic plate, offering you a secure and strong connection for your phone that suits your specific needs.

Magfaster magnetic touch system charges iPhone devices at unheard-of speeds by providing 2x the performance of your Magsafe wireless charger. And it has also the same charging speed as the fast cable charging with PD3.0 (Power Delivery). The Below video is tested at 25° Celsius.

Magfaster: Next-Gen Charging Technology

The Magfaster Magnetic Touch fast charger features 4th generation wireless technology. It lets every mobile device charge conveniently through wireless charging.

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Exclusive Magnetic Case For iPhone 

We designed and created 4 brand new Magnetic iPhone Cases that are compatible with the iPhone 12 /12 Pro (6.1 inch), iPhone XR/ 11 (6.1), iPhone 11 Pro(5.8 inch), iPhone X/XS (5.8 inch).

Ensure that your iPhone is always at full charge so you can keep taking the perfect photos wherever you are.

Magnetic Touch Charging Solution

Magfaster’s magnetic touchpad comes with built-in contact points that connect together. The connector transmits power when attached to the magnetic dock. Placing a Magfaster magnetic sticky pad to the back of your smartphone allows for efficient charging of your phone while eliminating cables. Just connect your phone to the magnetic dock to charge!

Fast Magnetic Touch Charging

Every Magfaster dock supports fast charging. Enjoy easy and simple wireless charging without worrying about the maximum charging speed. It also supports a maximum fast charging capacity of 120W. Meaning the Magfaster is compatible with fast charging adapters for authenticated smartphones. Also, the longer an iPhone charges, the hotter the heat exchange becomes, but magnetic charging circumvents this and does not overheat.

Everyday Versatility

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Magnetic Touch Power Bank 

Is your battery always running low? Leave the low battery symbol in the past. Our perfectly designed 5000mAh or 10000mAh PowerBank charges your smartphone without the need for outlets or cables.

Magnetic Touch Car Mount

Need to charge quickly on your way to work? Easily charge your phone in the car in seconds. Just attach it to your magnetic car mount and start driving. And, the powerful magnetic grip will ensure your phone stays put no matter how bumpy your drive may be. You can even connect your Apple CarPlay through Bluetooth while your phone charges!

Magnetic Touch Gaming Dock

We’ve got a dock to give your hands total control and ensure your smartphone always stays fully charged. Enjoy a smooth gaming experience without having to worry about dangling wires getting in the way. Just attach the magnetic dock to the back of your phone and start playing your favorite game!

Magnetic Touch Desk Dock

Create a clutter-free workspace with a magnetic desk dock charging. Simply put your phone on the dock to charge while you work away! It not only saves you valuable desk space but gets rid of the need to plug in and unplug a charging cable.

Magnetic Touch Sticky Pads 

Our next-gen magnetic fast charging sticky pads are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones on the market. Each pad comes with a USB connector along with a TYPE-C port enabling direct charging. The Magnetic Sticky Pads are fixed and stick on your smartphone.

Firm Magnetic Grip

Fobase’s strong and durable magnetic grip ensures your phone is always attached securely to the power source. Each dock is specifically designed to fit different charging areas. And, the Fobase Magnetic Touch Car mount has a magnetic strength of 4200 Gauss (other docks top out at 3400 Gauss).

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Safe and Secure

Our magnetic pad also comes with additional safety protocols such as built-in heat and circuit protection and protection against power leakage. These advanced chipsets shut down when they detect excessive heat to protect you and your devices.

Fast Charging Back Sticker for Your Phone

We’ve also designed back stickers with different charging ports for Android and Apple phones.


Never worry about water getting on your phone or charging dock. Thanks to the magnetic touch technology, water won’t affect your device or battery while your phone is charging

  • If your mobile phone is an Apple mobile phone, please choose the fast charging back sticker of the Lightning port.

Packing List 

 Magnetic fast charging Power Bank

· Magnetic fast Car Mount

· Magnetic fast Charging Desk Dock

· Magnetic fast Charging Game Dock

· 3 x Fast Charging Cables

· Magnetic Sticky Pads or iPhone Case

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