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ZeroRay: Instant Carbon Nanotube Washable Heated Jacket

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4 Heat Settings with One LED Controller | Washer & Dryer Safe | 5V 16Hrs Max. Run-Time | G-Sensor Auto Protection |100% Polyester

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Hate wearing so many layers to survive the freezing winter? Can’t strike the balance between taking off your bulky clothes for styling or keeping them for warmth? ZeroRay got you covered throughout all those occasions. 

It is the instant Carbon Nanotube (CNTs) washable heated jacket, featuring:

  • Heat quickly in 1-5 seconds with the advanced iWarm carbon Nano heating technology
  • Max 127°F; 3 carbon Nano heating elements generate heat on mid-back & waist and pass the warmth throughout your body
  • Adjust 4 heating settings with a simple press of the LED button, up to 16 hours heat (4-10 hrs on high, 6-12 hrs on medium high, 8-14 hrs on medium, 10-16 hrs on low); App-free operation
  • Totally washer and dryer safe; endures 80 wash cycles
  • Any mobile power bank compatible
  • Reflective stripes for safety visibility at night
  • 100% polyester
  • 6-layer fabric, spray & wind resistant outer shell, lightweight, warm & breathable

Instantly Heats up to 127°F / 53°C in 1-5 Secs

Anyone working outside will know the pain of freezing cold. A heated jacket is definitely essential to keep you warm in outdoor activities. ZeroRay, as a young brand, devised the carbon Nano heated jacket that luxuriously incorporates a commitment to fashion.

The ZeroRay is probably by now the best heated jacket to balance the style and function. Using the cutting-edge Carbon Nanotubes, when electricity is passed through the heating elements, they give off heat to reach max 127°F / 53°C within 1 to 5 seconds.

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A total of three heat generating elements that use CNTs convert 99% of the electric power into heat, bringing you warmth almost in no time. It emits 6 to 14 μm of far infrared rays, which are also used in bedrock bathing, and circulates the warmth transmitted from the elements throughout the body in about 10 seconds.

The 3 heating elements are built into your mid-back and waist, keeping your torso nice and warm.

Temperature Range 100° F / 38° C to 127° F / 53° C

You might not want to have your jacket on full-heat all the time. It might be a cold day where you need a bit of heat or just for personal preference, you may switch among different levels of temperature to maintain comfort. Compare to the conventional Bluetooth control via mobile phone App, ZeroRay has a LED button on the left sleeve which lets you save the hassles pulling off the mobile.

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It has four heat settings: low, medium, medium high and high. Not only does this option give you complete control over the heating power, but it is more reasonable on energy consumption and makes battery last longer.

With a single press, you will get the heat under control at 4 levels:

  • Low – white LED, 100.4 ± 37.4°F / 38 ± 3°C
  • Medium -green LED, 109.4 ± 37.4°F / 43 ± 3°C
  • Medium High -purple LED, 118.4 ± 37.4°F / 48 ± 3°C
  • High – red LED, 127.4 ± 37.4°F / 53 ± 3°C

 Enjoy spending a comfortable winter at your favorite temperature no matter how the environment changes.

G-Sensor Smart Safety Mechanism

The ZeroRay jacket is compatible with any 5V power bank with standard USB A port, so it will be a simple matter to replace when it fails. You get up to 16 hours of use on the lowest settings, or 4 to 10 hours on the highest setting. (4-10 hrs on high, 6-12 hrs on medium high, 8-14 hrs on medium, 10-16 hrs on low. Data measured at 50°F indoors using 5000mA mobile power supply.)

Thanks to its precision temperature control sensor, the ZeroRay protects you from potential danger of overheat, over voltage and short circuit. It has also integrated with G-sensor. When the jacket is taken off, the heating system stops working automatically.

■ We use safe low voltage of 5V.

■ If the input from the mobile battery exceeds 2.1A, it will be judged as over current and the power will be turned off automatically.

■ If heat is generated for 3 hours in a row, the power will be turned off automatically to prevent high-temperature burns.

■ The system detects the environmental temperature, and when the heating elements reach the set temperature, it automatically stops heating and blinks the LED of temperature adjustment. When the environmental temperature drops, heat generation starts again.

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The heating elements use carbon nanotubes, which are formed from carbon atoms and have the best heat-conducting performance, unparalleled strength and unique electrical properties. Carbon nanotubes are cylindrical molecules that consist of rolled-up sheets of single-layer carbon atoms (graphene).

Considering modern people wouldn’t burden to waste so much time on laundry, ZeroRay is designed to be totally washer and dryer compatible. It is capable to endure 80 wash cycles even with the heating paddings built in. For people who want a durable jacket that will last them for many winters, ZeroRay is definitely a top pick.

Lightweight, Flexible and Has a High Level of Washing Durability

Masterful processing can extend the excellent points of each by combining multiple fabrics together. In fact, this type of processing is typically used on work clothes, and is a representative measure against cold weather. ZeroRay contains condensed fibers designed especially for skiing wear. The 6-layer outer fabric with Nano coating is waterproof, windproof and snow proof: it is composed of DuPont cotton, high-density cloth, heat generating element, and metal heat reflecting layer.

In addition, the zipper of the pocket is waterproof, making it more convenient to store the mobile battery. You can safely deposit your important things without worrying about water entering through the gaps. 

ZeroRay isn’t so bulky that it hinders your freedom of movement. It combines contemporary design, unrivaled quality and revolutionary iWarm heating technology to create a lightweight, stylish jacket that delivers essential warmth on any outdoor adventure.

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For the lining closest to the body, we adopt a special reflective fabric. When the heat is generated from the heat elements, the warm body temperature is reflected so as to keep the heat in, providing the perfect long-lasting warmth. Meanwhile, the hot damp air will be released to the outside, making the whole experience warm, comfortable and breathable to wear!

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