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ElecHive Portable & Universal Super Power Station

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2400Wh Capacity / 2200W Output / 34lbs Portable / The super battery capacity at such small size.

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Introducing ElecHive 2200

The ElecHive 2200 is a game-changer in the world of generators! Thanks to its latest battery pack technology, the ElecHive 2200 has definitely reached the highest energy density for a product of its kind. This is very important because it means no similar product can have the same battery capacity at a smaller size. Its powerful battery can provide 2,200W of power output, just like a standard wall socket!  And it packs a massive 2,400Wh capacity, which means all your devices will stay powered for hours and hours, so you’ll never be stranded without power. Even with all of these features, it only weighs 34 pounds and is as small as a basketball.

Two major upgrades

Make it stand out from the crowd.

The brand new designed ElecHive 2200 was designed with the latest technology and has reached the technological height for products of its kind. While having all these great attributes, we have also brought the price down to the absolute lowest you can imagine for such performance. Hard to believe? Scroll down and allow us to prove it to you.

When it came to comparison, we wanted to compare the ElecHive to the best products in the industry. So we chose the most popular power-station: The Goal Zero YETI 1500X and Bluetti AC200. You can easily tell from the chart below that no matter the size, weight, capacity, or price the ElecHive 2200 has an overwhelming advantage in every category.

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Why is it so outstanding?

It uses the latest battery tech.

You may be wondering how our device is so much more advanced. This is because the integrated ternary lithium battery pack makes the size of the battery pack much smaller and lighter. Instead of joining 300 individual 18650 batteries together like a traditional power station, the ElecHive 2200 only has 6 batteries and connections between them. This system greatly reduces the risk of potential accidents to occur. Additionally, it is also much smaller than a traditional power station.

ElecHive has made significant breakthroughs to stay powerful without compromising mobility and versatility. With this ambitious upgrade, you will be no longer experiencing a power shortage from your digital adventurers.

What about the benefits?

No longer get frustrated because you don’t have enough space in your car to store things you want to bring camping. The compact nature of the ElecHive means you will never have to compromise storage space again. Every cubic ElecHive saves in your trunk translate to more space for your food and drinks.

Fulfills All Your Power Needs

with its 2400Wh capacity & 2200W AC Output.

The ElecHive’s advanced built-in battery pack system enables you to operate a number of heavy-duty outdoor appliances and tools (up to 2200W). With the ElecHive, traditional devices such as laptops, lights, CPAP machines, drones, TVs, and projectors can be powered for prolonged periods of time. It is also capable of running larger load devices such as saws, hairdryers, and even an electric car with ease.

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Power 12 Devices Simultaneously

Don’t be fooled by its small size. The ElecHive is equipped with five different port options, including fast-chargingUSB-C ports, USB-A ports, regular 12V DC ports, 110V AC ports, plus a specific 180W car charging port for the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner. It can power a wide range of devices and appliances like power tools, medical devices, and home appliances including full-size refrigerators.

You can even charge your Tesla.

You can even use it as an emergency backup for powering your electric vehicles up to 10 extra miles on a single charge. 

Prevent food from spoiling during blackouts

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Alwaysbe ready for unpredictable situations

Whenever you face a natural disaster like an earthquake, fire, tornado, or flood, the ElecHive can provide quick access to power for your emergency essentials.

3 hours fast recharging

With 1160W Combined charging input

We designed the ElecHive to charge from as many options as possible so you’ll never feel stranded. You can directly connect your solar panels, use our dedicated charger, or even use your car charger.

It only takes about 3 hours to recharge 2400Wh of ElecHive to full with three charging inputs combined. 

Universal Solar Inputs

Environmentally-friendly recharging

Solar power is pollution-free and, once installed, emits no greenhouse gases. By using solar power, we can reduce dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. With up to 22.7% high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell by SUNPOWER® X-Series, ElecHive’s foldable solar panel allows you to efficiently use solar energy as it converts the sunlight into clean energy. With the use of advanced laminated technology and the long-lasting ETFE material, our solar panel guarantees durability for over 15 years.

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For All Your Power Needs

Quality & Safety Assured

The ElecHive’s battery is durable and dependable, so you can always rely on it. Over a dozen international certifications and safety features ensure consistency and security. Our lithium-ion battery pack retains 80% of its original capacity after 1000 full charge cycles of charging, which means you can use it nearly EVERY DAY for 3 years and still have 80% of your original capacity. With less frequent use, you can expect up to 10 years of use.

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