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GodView | Lightest 5K AR/MR Smart Glasses For All Devices

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Posted By Bernard D

GodView Transforms All Media Contents To Private 300″ Immersive Experience Anytime & Anywhere. ✔PHONE, SWITCH, PS5, XBOX, PC/MAC, DRONE

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Still tethered to the past with an old bulky head-mounted display (HDM) or backpack-sized HD monitor weighing on your mood while working or watching entertainment? You may be feeling dizzy due to the visual ‘melee attack’ of first-gen displays or bothered by curious prying eyes when watching videos in public, or feeling self-conscious like a time-traveler with a bizarre gadget strapped to your head while trying to relax with some multimedia?

Get GodView and set yourself free from old technology for an incredibly immersive visual experience for fun and productivity. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, movie fanatic, or busy commuter looking for an entertainment solution, GodView is a revolutionary solution that delivers an extradimensional experience for multimedia. A next-gen wearable with a perfectly balanced super lightweight, affordable, and stylish design suitable for everyday use.

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GodView is designed as a standard-setting smart device, to bring user & budget-friendly mixed reality to life. Any content on your mobile phone can be cast wirelessly to the 300-inch virtual display in front of you.  It unveils vivid imagery before your eyes, empowering you with superb vision even more lifelike than what your eyes can show you.  

  • High Resolution

GodView serves as a match for a professional monitor with a resolution of 2*2560*2560 (5K) that is sharp enough to eliminate ghosting, graininess, or optical grating, which allows you to experience visual details you can’t see with typical displays.

  •  Large Display Size & FOV 

GodView creates a massive 300’’ virtual display with a binocular 110-degree wide field of view (FOV) that naturally merges virtual details into the real-world viewed through the lens, for an incredibly immersive experience.

  •  High Refresh Rate & Brightness

GodView supports a 90Hz refresh rate so the images you see are always extremely smooth without visible flickering, and with a brightness up to 2000 nits, the display is ultra-clear even in bright daylight.

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  • Myopia Adaptability

If you wear glasses, it’s time to put them aside! GodView can self-tune its clarity for myopia of -8~0D, which means near-sighted users can see clearly and comfortably without wearing their everyday glasses or contacts. (Offered as an optional function in addition to the standard model). By continuously controlling the change of focal length, the eye can be trained to achieve the purpose of adjusting myopia. Holographic optics change and adjust the focal length automatically according to an advanced algorithm.

GodView opts for a sunglasses-like design without a heavy battery or processor on-board so they remain stylish and comfortable for extended use. Super lightweight and cable-free connectivity make them effortlessly wearable. Without the distraction of cords or a bulky headset, you can indulge yourself completely with ‘God’s view’ and enjoy the best visuals.

  •   Why Super Waveguide 

GodView utilizes the super waveguide optical solution made of lightweight resin. This innovation transforms the conventional head-mounted display into an everyday fashion item weighing just 55g, less than 1/10 of Microsoft HoloLens

  •  Wi-Fi Connectivity 

GodView achieves its unique lightweight performance without a heavy battery or processor onboard. It uses a compact Wi-Fi 6 bridge housing a power supply that can work continuously for over 4 hours and any multimedia on your smartphone can be cast wirelessly to the GodView virtual display in front of your eyes. It’s the ultimate high definition visual experience at home or on the go.

Much of our time is spent on electronic devices, it’s a way to stay connected as well as our main form of entertainment. Instead of simply being an entertainment gadget, GodView becomes part of the fun itself. It is a useful extension of all your existing electronic interfaces, seizing every idle moment for fun. Carpe diem!

  • Omni-Compatibility

GodView is multi-compatible with devices like laptops, desktops, and game consoles via the world’s first zero-lag GodView USB C to HDMI Cable. Plug & Play has never been so easy! Enjoy a stunning new visual world in an instant.

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  •  Alexa AI Assistant 

Alexa is the most popular home voice assistant, she’s everywhere! So let’s get heads-up and hands-free from now on with GodView. Use voice commands to simply control any Alexa-built-in devices for a convenient, smooth, and futuristic experience that adds value to your life.

  • GodView V1- Lighter Option to Go

GodView V1 is lighter but not less powerful. GodView V1 comes as an airy, techy & spiffy option to meet particular needs for portability. Skillful combinations of super waveguides & titanium alloy refine it to merely 28g, light as a feather! It’s more than a pair of glasses, it can really be your newly acquired vision.

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 Detailed Specification of GodView PickMini

 What kind of cable to use with GodView Light and what we will offer:

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