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RUX: Packs like a box, carries like a bag

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Posted By Bernard D

The wildly adaptable, completely unprecedented way to pack, move & use your most valuable gear

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RUX is the new all-in-one system to pack, move, and use your valuable gear. Garage to the beach. Truck to the trailhead. Ready when you need it. Just pack, grab ‘n go.

Protect your gear, protect your time, protect yourself from junk show packing. RUX helps you do what you do best — make time and space for the good life.

This is the last tote you’ll ever need.

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Love the outdoor life? Relish the rush you get from being outside — camping, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, or just chilling on the beach?

But packing and moving all your equipment is a total hassle, right? Trying to fit your gear in flimsy duffel bags that carry too little, or wrangling hard-to-manage bins that suck the fun out of the whole trip. Then reverse it, again and again.

You need a seamless solution for organization and transportation, so nothing pulls you away from living in the moment.

We felt the same way. That’s why we created RUX.

Wanting your gear accessible and protected when you’re outdoors is pretty much a given. You shouldn’t have to worry about your precious equipment getting damaged. Yet, most gear cases, bins, and bags aren’t built to withstand the demands of the outdoors, plus they have non-existent organizational abilities.

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Every RUX comes standard with lid, handle straps, and shoulder straps. The clear window allows you to see contents, the boxlike shape makes for max packing efficiency, and the utility rails make for infinite versatility and future potential. 

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