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Gravita: Levitating Smart Lamp For Your Home

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Minimalist design and magnetic levitation bring you wireless power to light up any room.

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Gravita is a levitating lamp that brings the convenience of wireless power into your home. Gravita levitates in thin air while casting a relaxing glow. It also charges your devices and plays your favorite music — all with no strings (or wires) attached.

Gravita merges the power of electromagnets with minimalist design to bring the future of wireless power to your home. Relaxing levitation, faster charging, and clearer audio — it’s not your imagination, it’s Gravita.

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Illuminate your home and stand out with this unique, awe-inspiring lamp. Gravita’s chic and minimalist design is made to fit any décor style. 

Whether in the classroom, the office, or the living room, Gravita illuminates much more than the space it occupies; it’s iconic bulb sparks ideas and represents the future of innovation.

Choose between 4 Gravita levitating bulbs to suit any mood or occasion.

Each bulb has its own distinct personality and glow. Choose one or take the whole set and enjoy the power of levitation at every occasion.

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Gravita’s levitating bulb is made possible by magnetic suspension. Electromagnets are found in the base, the top of the lamp, and the lightbulb itself. Magnetic force as exhibited by the formula below is what powers Gravita.

When positioning the bulb towards the upper electromagnetic rod, the outermost electromagnets serve to attract the bulb’s base while the inner magnets create a repelling force. This is what holds the bulb in place and causes it to hover in mid-air. The light then switches on via electromagnetic induction once it is touch activated at the base. The lamp is also designed with power off protection that pulls up the bulb and prevents breakage when the lamp is unplugged or in cases of power outage. 

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Our touch sensor is where the magic happens. Gravita can be easily turned on and off with a simple touch. Its button-free design provides a more polished and minimalist look.

Need to charge your phone? Lay it on top of Gravita’s base and you’re good to go. Fast wireless charging makes for grab-and-go simplicity, and you’ll never have to pocket those pesky charger cables again.

Not to mention, the base also has anti-slip and anti-scratch support, to avoid scratches and to protect your devices from harm.

Prefer to charge your devices via USB? No worries. Gravita comes with both USB A and USB C ports, so you can take your pick. You’ll love how easy it is to reach your device when you need it. The days of having to walk over to the nearest socket are over.

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Bring your listening experience into the future with Gravita’s built-in Bluetooth speakers. Pair any device instantly and enjoy your favorite music or enhance your viewing experience when you watch the latest videos and movies.

Gravita’s bulb is made of highly durable borosilicate glass. It is shatter resistant and resistant to all types of damage, so you can use it every day with peace of mind. The bulb is also water and dust resistant, making it easy to clean and safe to put in any room.

In cases of electricity outage or accidental unplugging, the bulb will immediately attach to the upper magnet to prevent it from falling. Once power is restored, you can reset the bulb back to its levitating position.

At 1700K, Gravita lights up any space with a soft warm glow. Its warm white light reduces strain on the eyes and gives the room an inviting ambience. 

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All Gravita bulbs are LED powered, which means they are super energy-efficient and has up to 58,400 hour lifespan (nearly 20 years of regular use).

The materials used to make Gravita are sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured in safe working conditions.

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