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Wooask S01 – World’s Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder

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134 languages speech to text transcribe and translation, 32G built-in storage. An intelligent device make our work life easier.

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Language barriers often prevent us from understanding some international conferences, lectures and interviews. This is where WOOASK S01 kicks in. Our AI recorder can translate in 134 languages with superb accuracy, covering 200+ countries and regions. It can also record and transcribe into manuscripts in addition to displaying real-time translated text. Afterwards, both the text and audio can be kept as record.

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How have we made transcribing so accurate?

Our secret is that we have world leading Noise Cancellation Technology. The digital noise reduction algorithm filters the noise layer by layer to make the sound crystal clear. And our high-sensitivity microphones array captures and restores sound clearly. This combination of technologies dramatically improves the transcribe accuracy.

WOOASK S01 has high-definition sound pickup microphone arrays and intelligent noise reduction technology, and its voice pickup distance can reach up to 3 meters, Bluetooth connection can even reach up to more than 10 meters. Our top technologies have made live transcribing and real-time translation possible even from long distance and in noisy environments. 

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Independent use: It can record just like a traditional voice recorder without being connected to the mobile app. 

Playback: You can just plug your mobile headphones into Wooask S01 to listen to the recording files. Even in noisy public places, it is appropriate and safe to listen to private recordings such as business meetings and private interviews!

What should I do if I forget to bring my mobile phone to work but need to record the meeting? You can just use WOOASK S01 to record, and later sync with the App to transcribe whenever you have your phone back. How convenient! It only takes as fast as 5 minutes to transcribe 1 hour of recording.

You can edit the transcribed content on your phone, and then send it to colleagues, friends or bosses, or you can also share it on social media such as Facebook and Twitter in MP3 / Word / TXT format.

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You never have to worry about losing your recorder anymore! Records with the AI Voice Recorder, your recordings can be automatically stored on your own Cloud Library, not only for backup purposes, but you can also browse, download and manage them on PC and other devices. Upgrade as much cloud storage space as you desire.

At a diminutive 6.2×1.8×1.5cm, WOOASK S01 weighs only 17 grams. The appearance is sleek and stylish, you can clip it onto a notebook, your collar, front pocket, or straps etc. It is also very easy to be concealed. The light can be turned off while recording. Even if you are talking to someone face to face, the look of Wooask S01 would not make others feel uncomfortable.

Fully charged within 30 minutes and it can record continuously for 10 hours after a single charge, and the standby time can be as long as 30 days. Now you do not need to worry about missing any occasion you want to record! Super useful for those who need to travel abroad for a long time or need to attend conferences and lectures very frequently.

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WOOASK S01 is very simple to operate. Press to start recording, and press it again to save, playback with the side keys. It is meant for everyone. Using standard USB Type-C connector, just plug to charge, plug earphones to playback; plug data cable to Copy to PC.

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Have you ever wondered how much paper we use annually?

Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper each year, about 680 pounds per person. The average household throws away 13,000 sheets of paper each year.

Using Wooask S01 for your daily notes and meetings not only saves you time but also saves one tree per person per year.

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