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Dropi – The Ultimate Solution To Clean Hands

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Posted By Bernard D

This pocket-sized & automatic sanitizer dispenser mounts anywhere to make clean hands easy.

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It Dispenses Hand Sanitizer.
What’s there to explain? 

It mounts everywhere so you can say goodbye to germs with a single wave of your hand. No need to touch anything, including the bottle.

It Mounts Everywhere Because You Should Clean Your Hands Everywhere

One really cool dispenser, six different mounting options, really clean hands. 

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Works With All Your Favorite Sanitizers

Seriously, it’s compatible with any hand cleanser from bougie name brands to DIY options. We don’t care which kind you use as long as you’re using one.

Refillable + Eco Friendly

Dropi’s bottle is refillable, so you can buy in bulk and make your own sanitizer. 

“When & Where Should I Be Washing My Hands?”

Alex, what is “Literally anywhere and everywhere?”

 Let us spell out some examples for you:

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Let’s Get Serious For A Minute:

Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Protect strangers. 

It’s super simple: wash your hands!!!!!!!

Wash Those Hands In Under 30 Seconds

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Each Dropi dispenser comes included with a standard mount. You will select your preferred, standard mount via survey after our campaign ends. There are five standard mounts and one premium (Magnetic Flat Mount) option to choose from.

Here’s Some Techy Stuff

No, This Won’t Blow Up Your Car.

Let’s be super clear here: no, Dropi won’t cause your car to explode. Be sure the sanitizer you’re using hasn’t expired and that everything is tightly closed every time you refill Dropi! Check out our FAQ for more details, or check out these sources for more. 

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