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Furrion eRove: The Cooler to End all Coolers

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Posted By Bernard D

The battery-powered cooler that’s perfect for camping, the apocalypse, and everything in between.

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The Furrion eRove™ is a high-tech solution to a problem that outdoor enthusiasts have been battling forever: keeping food and drinks fresh and safe without compromising your time on the go. Traditionally, this has meant using coolers that need new ice every other day or staying in range of a refrigerator. The Furrion eRove eliminates the need for ice and lets you disconnect your adventures from civilization while keeping everything cold for up to 5 days on a single charge.

The eRove is a sleek, high-tech portable refrigeration system. Simply charge the swappable ePod battery, stow your food and drinks, and get on the move, secure in the knowledge that everything you packed will stay cool and dry for up to 5 days.

No more ice. No more soggy sandwiches. No more lukewarm drinks. The eRove is here.

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eRove can freeze your food at subzero temperatures without ice. Freeze your goods at temperatures as low as -8° F.

eRove’s innovative foam insulation technology keeps your food cold for days, and its low energy consumption and smart mode capability mean that it uses just the right amount of power, making your charge last longer.

eRove will actively cool or even freeze your food for up to 5 days with a battery. You can swap in a fresh ePod battery for an additional 5 days.

Thanks to its innovative construction, eRove can keep ice frozen for up to 10 days—and that’s without a battery. Combining the eRove’s battery power with ice will keep your food fresh for an astounding 14 days on a single charge, and the swappable battery and solar charging options mean that you can keep your eRove’s contents ready to consume for as long as you need.

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Use the AC adapter to cool the eRove at home so you can load it into your car and go. You’ll be set for 1-2 days of superior cooling without a battery or the need for ice. Top up your chill from the car with the included DC adapter.

Charge an ePod battery for up to 5 days of worry-free food storage. If 5 days isn’t enough chill time for you, charge an extra ePod battery and store it in the eRove’s handy dry storage compartment so you can swap it into the ePod battery dock when you need it.

With the Furrion Solar Panel, you can keep going for as long as you want. Simply set it up in the sun and plug it into your eRove to get a steady charge from the sun—again and again.

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With two USB 2.0 ports and one USB fast charge port, you can plug all of your accessories in with ease. Your eRove even has a 10W wireless charging pad, so no matter what high-tech gadgets you’re using, you won’t have to worry about how to keep them going.

Want to bring more than just drinks? eRove has room for that, too. With 6 Qt of dry storage space, eRove gives you the room you need to bring the things you want—and keeps everything fresh and cool, without worrying about it getting soggy.

It’s frustrating to need to plan a trip around where you can stop to get more ice. It makes it difficult to truly disconnect, knowing that you’ll have to trudge into town to restock. Unless you wanted a steady diet of preserved food and warm water, you didn’t have another option—until now.

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The Furrion eRove portable electric cooler Starter Package is the base component of our exclusive Indiegogo Packages. Ideal for single day use with pre-cooling to hang in the backyard, the park, the beach, and everywhere in between.

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