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Silviano: The worlds Smartest laptop Sleeve

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Posted By Bernard D

Global tracking | Wireless Charging | Full-grain Eco Leather | RFID | Legendary Craftsmanship

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Each Silviano Sleeve is handcrafted using the highest quality vegetable tanned leather. It is then handpainted using a traditional Italian technique to produce the unique finish of the Tamponata leather. The products are created by a family that has over 70 years of experience in the industry

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  • TRACKABLE: Powered by Chipolos Global tracking network
  • VOICE-ACTIVATED: Compatible with Google assistant, Amazon 
  • Alexa & Siri
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: Charge up to 3 devices at once
  • RFID-BLOCKING: Against skimming & private data theft
  • ECO LEATHER: Made using full grain vegetable tanned eco friendly leather

Enjoy the peace of mind of never seeing  “Low Battery” on your phone ever again.

Built with 10W charging capability and to the WPC Qi standard, SILVIANO offers you the fastest wireless charging for Android and iPhone. Just drop your phone in the Sleeve and it will do the rest.

The feature of the wireless charging makes it easy to just drop your phone in the Sleeve without the excessive cables that get tangles and take up extra space.  Charge your smartphone on the go with our ultra slim powerbank 

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Using our state of the art charger you can charge any of these 3 devices simultaneously, such as your phone wirelessly and 2 other devices with the cable. 

The Silviano Sleeve is the worlds first voice activated sleeve that comes with global tracking!

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We have partnered with a leading Bluetooth tracker- Chipolo, so that you never lose your Silviano products. Chipolo saves the GPS location from your phone where you lost your item. By a simple click on your phone or a voice command, you can track your item to where you last had it . You can simply ask Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri about where your Device is and to ring it if needed. All handsfree!

The apps tracking mechanism is so smart, that you can set up alerts so your phone will notify you if you forget to take the Silviano Sleeve with you.

  • RING CHIPOLO – Ring Chipolo from the Chipolo app on your phone.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE – Ring your phone by double clicking the Chipolo.
  • LAST KNOWN LOCATION – Track your sleeve via the Chipolo app.
  • COMMUNITY SEARCH – Mark your sleeve as lost in the app. 
  • VOICE CONTROL – Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

Our sleeve comes with a front loop which gives support to your wrist and makes it comfortable to hold. It can be easily carried with comfort of the retractable handle by itself, and it can also fit into your backpack or travel case, when you pack for the weekend getaway.

Our compact design is designed to be seamlessly from from a work meeting to a bar and always be sure to make a statement

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Organise yourself with all our beautifully designed compartments which mean you never have to deal with clutter again we have place for everything.

The Silviano Sleeve  has custom-made compartments for all your things.

Our Sleeves come with card slots and RFID lining i.e. a special lining that protects you from digital theft of RFID skimming and electronic pickpocketing, thus keeping your personal information safe from high-tech thieves.

There is a detachable key-ring, slot for pen, designated pocket for your Bluetooth tracker, and several other pockets for your earphones, money, pendrives, etc. 

At the back there is a zip pocket with small compartments to hold your phone, wireless charger and other miscellaneous items.

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