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NextMaker Box: Learn Coding at Home with Fun STEAM Projects

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Posted By Bernard D

Get your kids creating and coding at home with monthly build boxes and online coding courses

School closed? Stuck at home? There’s no need to put your child’s education on hold! Unleash your 7-12-year-old’s creativity and equip them with the skills of the future with engaging build projects and self-paced online coding courses – delivered right to your door every month!

There’re many coding classes for kids. There’re some STEM boxes, too. But very few combine real-world robotics and programming concepts with tangible, interactive technology for limitless, open-ended creativity. 

We provide all the hardware and software they need to go from zero to coding hero – at their own pace. 

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Build robots, game controllers, smart home devices….the options are endless! We’re constantly adding to our project line-up so your child will never run out of projects as they level up. Not only will they develop life-long skills – they’ll be excited by the possibilities of technology as they see their hard work pay off. 

Each NextMaker Box contains a new project. It provides everything you need to learn in an engaging way – including hardware, software and the curriculum. 

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Every NextMaker Box includes motors, sensors, mechanical parts, and raw materials to create, learn, play, and spark the fires of passion for technology. Included is 3-hour standard-aligned online coding courses and interactive, step-by-step coding activities to help keep kids on track.  

NextMaker Box provides an engaging way to learn – at the best value:


From block-based programming to advanced STEAM Subjects:

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The NextMaker Box Provides A CSTA Standard-aligned Coding Curriculum:

After one year of NextMaker Box projects, they may have a deeper understanding of technology and coding than 90% of the world’s adult population! 

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Tons of fun and educational projects! Such as:

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Intuitive software and enriching online activities to guide self-driven learning

NextMaker Box comes with standard-aligned online coding courses each month. Your child will follow visual, step-by-step classes to solve coding challenges, build their projects, and learn complex concepts at their own pace.

Unleash your creativity with limitless building possibilities

True learning comes from play and experimentation. After a few months, your child will have an assortment of sensors, motors, materials and components. The magic of NextMaker Boxes? They can be hacked and combined to create nearly anything imaginable.

The only limitation is your child’s imagination! 

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By Makeblock, award-winning STEAM innovator

We have self-developed the core electronics components and online learning environment for NextMaker Box. Our proprietary products – Halocode computers, mBuild modules and mBlock coding platform connect seamlessly for an intuitive, joyful learning experience. 

Halocode – the adaptable, Wi-Fi-enabled single board computer

Halocode is a single board computer with built-in Wi-Fi. Designed for programming education, its compact design integrates a broad selection of electronic modules. Pairing with block-based programming software mBlock, Halocode offers all sorts of opportunities to experience AI & IoT application with just a few clicks; it makes creation easy and fun. 

You will receive the Halocode in Box 2, and unlock its power to create your own project! 

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Founded in 2012, MakeBlock Co., Ltd provides STEAM education products to 15 million children across 140+ countries and 25,000+ schools around the world.

Our multidisciplinary approach covers Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and encourages children to explore and solve real-life problems in the form of self-driven projects, thus enhancing their logical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial skills.

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NextMaker Box is the latest in our extensive product lineup. It’s our answer to the need for self-driven, independent learning especially in the last few months.

Awards and Mentions

Makeblock has been enthusiastically received by global design and innovation communities. 

Our award-winning team of 60+ engineers, product designers and STEAM experts have developed NextMaker Box projects with the help of over 2000 kids ages 7-12 over two years to make sure the course material and topics covered are engaging, educational and, most importantly, fun!

  • Projects tested and loved by 2000+ kids
  • 50+ build projects and 100+ online activities
  • Continuously adding, iterating, and testing our projects

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