ENPULY: Disinfectant Spray Maker For Daily Use

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Kills Germs & Bacteria | 100% Natural | Portable | 1-Click Control | 3 Mins Ready to Use

ENPULY: Disinfectant Spray Maker For Daily Use : With the current situation, keeping your household and working environment sanitized is more important than ever. As the flu season approaches, it is essential to pay attention to invisible germs and viruses. Presently, hand sanitizers and other disinfectant products can become expensive over time, but what if we tell you that there is a better solution to protect your family?

Introducing Enpuly, the all-purpose spray maker generates and stores electrolyzed water that kills  all of bacteria and germs.

Portable, affordable, and 100% natural, the reusable spray maker brings the most effective disinfectant technology to any place you can imagine.

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Easy to Make

Just add tap water and table salt to make this 100% natural and non-toxic cleaning solution with Enpuly. In just 3 minutes, a bottle of homemade natural disinfection solution is ready to use. It’s that simple!

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How it Works

Enpuly is integrated with an electrolyzer to produce the electrolysis of tap water and table salt, resulting in the product of hypochlorous acid and hydroxide.

The Electrolytic brine generates chlorine gas, which dissolves in the water and produces sodium hydroxide in the solution. The solution from the electrolysis process is called EOW/ electrolyzed oxidation water.

EOW is a powerful disinfectant that is safe for humans, animals, food, and surfaces. Hydroxide radicals are commonly found in cleaning detergents, and hypochlorous acid kills all kinds of micro bacteria, fungi, and germs.

According to chemists and scientists, the concentration of hydroxide radicals in our EOW is lower than any other cleaning detergents in the market. In other words, Enpuly’s EOW is safer and more effective at killing all harmful germs and bacteria that are present in your home and wherever you go.

Only one Enpuly disinfectant spray bottle replaces all other cleaners to clean all germs and bacteria that human eyes cannot see.

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