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Vesta: Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet for All Seasons

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A duvet that taps the power of silk to deliver temperature-regulated sleep all night long

Silk Filled Duvet For every season
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No more high thread count cotton. Down with the down duvet. Goodbye, linens. For a perfectly, temperature-controlled sleep, it’s all about silk.

Too hot or too cold, temperature regulation is the number one barrier to good sleep. The solution is in the duvet. Vesta duvet is filled with the highest quality silk to deliver comfortable, temperature-controlled sleep no matter the season.   

Vesta: Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet for All Seasons
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Vesta: Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet for All Seasons
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Most duvets are filled with low quality materials that do little to account for the natural hot-cold cycles of sleep. Our duvet taps into silk’s best qualities by using the material as a high performance filling, rather than an aesthetic liner.

Vesta: Thermoregulating Sillk stabilizes temperature
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Vesta Duvet Sleep Accessory

Much like silk, bamboo is a natural, breathable fabric. A perfect pairing with our silk-filled duvet, bamboo balances softness and comfort with temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

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Vesta Duvet Accessory Woven Basket
Vesta Duvet Accessory Eyemask

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