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Kiima: The refillable deodorant applicator

Kiima The refillable deodorant applicator Posted On
Posted By Bernard D

Refill it with natural & vegan deodorants

The problem

Billions of deodorant applicators are thrown away every year. This quickly adds up and millions of tons of single-use plastic items from around the globe find their way into the ocean. The negative impact affects us all

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The solution

A refillable, eco-responsible and reusable deodorant applicator— the last one you’ll ever need. Each time you refill your Kiima deodorant applicator, that’s one less piece of plastic in the landfill. 

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How it works

Refill with a 3 steps process:

1. Remove the clip.

2. Insert the deodorant refill.

3. Put back the clip and it’s ready to go! 

Kiima The refillable deodorant applicator

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