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ZEREMA:Auto-Height Adjusting With AI Powered App

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✔️Detects Snoring ✔️Back & Side Sleepers ✔️Open Cell Memory Foam ✔️Proper Neck Support

You deserve better sleep.

ZEREMA is the ultimate sleep solution for those tired of never getting that productive rest. This pillow incorporates deep-learning AI to learn your sleep habits, automatically put you in a more comfortable sleeping position, and provide a personalized analysis on how you can sleep better. 

But with all this amazing tech underneath, ZEREMA still does its main job. Its soft open-cell marshmallow memory foam keeps your head comfortable and supported as a pillow should.

With the constant hustle and grind, we sometimes forget that rest is just as important as work. But not just any type of rest. Good rest. Productive rest. We value work efficiency so much but don’t seem to say the same for how we sleep.

With ZEREMA, you can make it your own. No need to Goldilocks your way through countless pillows. All you need to do is set the air cushion to the height of your liking on the ZEREMA app.

This adjustable feature also works automatically with our AI-powered snore detecting technology. When snoring is detected, ZEREMA will raise or lower the pillow height on its own to open up your airway. It does so so gently that it won’t disturb your sleep.

Like a tailored suit, a pillow should not be one size fits all. With so many different variations in our height, weight, and spinal alignment, it’s hard to believe a single pillow works for everyone. Comfort is relative and should not be generalized.

According to research conducted by the Harvard Medical School, how your head rests on your pillow plays a crucial role in your spine health. Matthew O’Rourke, a physical therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, explains that extended periods of misalignment can result in serious damage to your neck.

Poor Sleep Position

Having bad posture while working, studying, and watching Netflix damages your neck’s natural c-curve. There’s even more damage when your pillow doesn’t support you properly in your sleep, causing excessive pain and tension in the neck.

ZEREMA, on the other hand, supports your cervical vertebral by working the air cushions. When you find the right height and angle for your neck, it will minimize the number of times you toss and turn for a comfortable position.

ZEREMA detects snoring by inflating the air cushions inside the pillow. Snoring is the noisy result of a person’s airway being obstructed. So when snoring is detected, the air cushions work to lift the neck and re-open that airway. 

This is the same principle as performing CPR. In order to allow proper breathing, the first step procedure is to tilt the head back and lift the chin up.

But for ZEREMA, this happens while you’re asleep.

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