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PouchPASS: Temperature Monitoring always on!

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A new solution to screen and check body temperature for You, Your Loved Ones, Your Business.

Why PouchPASS?

We see the world is changing. Recent events have transformed our daily lives and forced us to adapt to the new normal. PouchNATION understands the distress in adjusting and that’s why we developed:

“PouchPASS” — temperature screening checks made easier!

The PouchPASS wearable technology utilises sensors to provide high-accuracy body temperature data every minute while coupled with the PouchPASS application. This allows the users to monitor body temperature continuously, remotely and without interpersonal or physical contact.

  • Using a sophisticated calibration algorithm and a state of the art sensor, PouchPASS provides with high-accuracy body temperature data every minute.
  • The data is synchronized in real-time with your online dashboard via mobile phone device and/ or a local Bluetooth network.
  • Alerts for high body temperature and low battery levels will pop-up on your application or dashboard automatically.
  • All data is stored on the cloud and treated with extremely high privacy standards.
  • PouchBAND is both water and dust resistant, with no charging required, making it comfortable to wear

Let’s participate in the recovery of the economy yet still keeping our families safe. Please support our cause by participating in this campaign.

What do I get?

Temperature Monitor and Diary!    

Track your body temperature continuously without interpersonal contact. Record your temperature readings in your own personal diary. Available in iOS and Android app stores for FREE.

Symptoms Log and Family Monitoring!

Record your health symptoms and store them in your diary. Monitor your loved ones through the watch list feature (members’ consent required for privacy protection).

Online Dashboard & Bluetooth for Businesses

You have a bigger organization? Need to implement temperature screening? Use our online dashboard to import all the members belonging to your organization. Monitor their temperature in realtime using the dashboard.

Install Bluetooth gateway at your business location to capture the wristband data without the need of the mobile phone.

Contact History for Institutions

A larger institution? Need to know contact history? This is all possible as long as you adhere to our very stringent privacy policy.

Last but not least the Band itself

PouchPASS’ unique intelligent calibration algorithm allows the thermal sensor to generate high-accuracy data measurement. This is the heart of PouchPASS’ robust application system, providing reliability of temperature measurements.

The bracelet’s “sleeve” is made from hypoallergenic silicone and polycarbonates (PC), which gives a smooth surface feel with flexibility, thus making it comfortable to wear. Attached to the bracelet is a removable, Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) beacon with a clinical grade digital temperature sensor.

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