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Revolutionary immersive audio and technology scientifically proven to enhance mental wellbeing.

IRIS is a revolutionary audio technology which places the human brain at the centre of the listening experience. Our patented IRIS algorithm re-synthesises the spatial information lost in digital recordings whilst elevating the details lost in digital compression and presenting audio to you as you would experience it in the live environment, crucially important in how you process audio, because your brain is more active in this setting.

Through this unique neurological stimulation IRIS is scientifically proven to activate flow state, a neurological state of simultaneous focus and relaxation, alongside complete engagement with what you are listening to.

IRIS brings audio delivers a heightened “live” dimension to all recorded sound.

Before you even switch IRIS technology on, IRIS Flow Headphones are built to compete with the very best headphones available. This has been a process of perfection, expertly engineered for the most incredible audio experience, the IRIS Flow Headphones set a new standard in personal audio.

Designed for perfection, built without compromise and already in production, your backing is a guaranteed purchase and we will ship direct to your door this October.

Through independent consumer research, 75% of users preferred IRIS compared to standard MP3.

The study was conducted with 140 participants selected at random. Each participant listened to two streams of the same song, one being a standard MP3 track, the other being an MP3 with IRIS technology enabled. They were then asked to pick which they preferred.

IRIS has significant support from the music industry, loved by artists and producers, IRIS has built a strong following, including investment from rock royalty and Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, in addition to Concord, the world’s largest independent record label.

IRIS is embraced by music producers and engineers, impressed at how the technology presents the original intention of the artist’s work:

Introducing the Red Bull Racing IRIS Flow Headphones. A limited edition version in in the brand colours of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 team.

IRIS technology is recognised as game changing in the world of professional sports. Partners of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, IRIS is bringing audio innovation to the world of Formula 1. The very pinnacle of human performance, the IRIS technology enables flow state, allowing the team and drivers to make those marginal gains which are the difference between success and failure.

Meet the IRIS team, audio obsessed and driven by a shared belief that sound has gone bad. With the IRIS Flow Headphone, we are building a movement which reconnects us all with real live sound, for vastly improved audio quality and mental wellbeing.

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