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—–Functional Footwear—– Run Pain-Free.

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Posted By Bernard D

MORE stability + MORE protection + MORE toefreedom® = LESS pain!

We engineered freedom so you can enjoy it!

The Functional Footwear design concept is based on the principle of toefreedom®, which provides the runner with an increase in stability due to extra room for the big toe to anchor, stabilize and control the foot.

Why toefreedom®?

We at Joe Nimble believe, that a tree is only as strong as its roots; just as the roots of a tree adapt to the shape of a container, the shape of the foot adapts to the shoes you are wearing.  Conventional shoes with a shoe-shaped toebox create unnatural, shoe-shaped feet. From the assessment of thousands of feet worldwide, we have learned that just as weak and twisted tree roots affect the stability of the trunk and branches above, so do weak and twisted toes affect the stability of the runner above.

We made sure you will love this shoe!

The skill of trailrunning

Common injuries in trail running like  knee-, metatarsal- and lower back-pain are due to a lack of skill in switching between gears. The unique combination of the toefreedom® concept and the flexitec insole offers a level of protection from pain and injury never offered before in a trail running shoe.

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