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Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speaker: Not from Earth

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Extraterrestrial Design | Crazy Bass | True Wireless Stereo | 10H Playtime | Pair with All Devices

Earth is just one floating planet in the solar system and one tiny dust in the boundless universe. The world is full of unknown. Have you ever been mesmerised by Sci-Fi and curious about what outer space and future might be like? Everytime you watch a movie or read a book on this topic, do you wander off a bit to another dimension, anywhere away from the current place and current time?

Gravastar speakers all have a unique and futuristic design. They were born to infuse creativity and craziness to the speaker market. Gravastar family has two members so far: big brother Mars, and little brother Venus. Put Mars and Venus together, they are the coolest scenery in your room.

Mars was launched last year. It brings you the destroyer vibe when you first see it. The illuminating green light in the center looks like a fusion reactor. The solid zinc alloy shell is prepared for risky missions. And the foldable tripods are so neat and forceful that you know they can land on another planet precisely. It has been a great success. It is well received by YouTubers and users.

Unlike the big brother Mars, Venus is very small. But it inherits the futuristic design and crazy bass.

Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speaker is a warrior from the future. It has traveled through time and space. And its crazy bass can also take you to musical expeditions. Moreover, telepathy in their tribe enables sounds to come out of two speakers at the same time, providing you an immersive theater experience at home. The size of Venus can allow you to hide it at any corner in your bag and is ready to explore the world with you at any time, and party from day to night.

Venus is a ballistic soldier from the future who wears a zinc alloy armour, which provides strength and toughness, adding a futuristic touch to your room. The armour provides Venus higher stability when playing crazy bass. Your windows might shake with the sound wave, but the speaker won’t.

Venus came from a city where cyberpunk is the mainstream. The never ending dark nights are illuminated by neon lights. Spaceships shuttle among skyscrapers. Venus embodies its home culture by adding 4 different shell colours and 6 RGB lights into its armour.

Never underestimate a speaker because of its size. Venus is small but it has dynamite inside. The bass comes from a movable diaphragm at the back of Venus, pumping a large volume of air to boost bass.

Turn it on, the dreadful thunderous bass will rock you to death.

Therefore, it is essential to equip Venus with a metallic shell and rubber shock absorbers on tripods. With this support, Venus can show you the bass you’ve never experienced before.

Having Gravastar Venus in your room is like having an invincible robotic warrior with an AoE attack. It’s super loud soundwave will hunt you down to every corner in the room, leaving you nowhere to hide.

The 1.75in 10W full-range speaker transfers the powerful sound from the cyber heart to your heart. Venus is adorable yet hardcore: its movable diaphragm produces the sound waves you can see.

Gravastar Venus is full of mechanical charm. You can not only enjoy it in your room but carry it to outdoor parties. The loud volume will never let you down.

Venus has a long Bluetooth connectivity range of 15m. You can lip-sync in the shower room with Venus while leaving your phone in the bedroom.

The audio delay is only 60ms, which is so trivial that even skilled gamers wouldn’t notice. Venus helps you avoid the least thing you wanna see when playing games: lose a game because of the sound latency.

Venus can be connected easily with any bluetooth devices. Immerse yourself in the powerful sound in games, music, movies and parties.

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