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AMD ® Ryzen ® 5 / Radeon™Vega 8 Graphics 8 Cores/ Intel®Wi-Fi6 /Triple output [email protected] Hz

Introducing The MINISFORUM

For a long time, Intel® Nuc is known for its excellent performance and light size. It has always been the representative of Mini PC, leading the design of industry products, and is regarded as the king of minis! But it was criticized by fans for the slow performance improvement!

With the release of the AMD® Ryzen ™ Core Series, the Ryzen™  is now equipped with more cores, a stronger display card as well as having a quick response time. With this, it is made suitable for both work and entertainment as it enables you to complete your desired tasks efficiently.

DMAF5 is the first AMD® product designed by our company. Therefore, we have received official support from AMD®. We have listened to the constructive opinions of a large number of customers in the hope that it can set a new benchmark for professionalism. We are committed to creating innovative next-generation mini pc.


Unlocked the TDP, and No CPU throttling under 100% load for 24 hours

Equipped with Radeon™Vega 8 Graphics 8 Cores Graphics

AMD ® Ryzen ™ 5 processor, 4 cores / 8 threads

Brings a shocking visual effect

Max Turbo Frequency 3.7GHz

Our Mini PC is designed with a press and pop-up clasp, which makes it easy to install additional memory, SSD, HDD and Wi-Fi.

a. Dual channel (SODIMM Slots×2)

Dual-channel RAM is a version of multi-channel memory. All versions of multi-channel RAM increase data transmission speed by adding more communication channels between memory and memory controller.The transmission speed is faster than single channel.

b. M.2 2280  NVMe SSD slot ×1

You can add low-cost, large-capacity hard drives, enjoy the fun of DIY.

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