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Nowadays, new technologies have firmly entered all spheres of human life. They even reached the entertainment industry. Kazakh dancers founded a unique startup. The world breakdancing champions Adlet and Daulet Anarbekovs had a long-standing dream to open a dance school in the Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan. Their project is aimed at teaching adolescents a modern choreography through a special application. The brothers decided to first consult with the experts before starting to implement their plans.

“During one of the conversations we had, it turned out that Adlet and Daulet had long wanted to make a floor mat with special markings, so that it would be easier to explain to the students of their dance school where they should put their legs, arms and other parts of the body. The guys even prepared some blueprints. We resumed the work on the drawings and latched on the idea of a smart home mat that helps to learn dance moves online,” said Rinat Latypov.

There are many methods in the world for online dance training. However, as it turned out, all of them are only in the format of video tutorials, which means anyone, including children and teenagers, can independently study the dance moves via video lessons. Developers say that the disadvantage of this format is that there is no feedback and there is no involvement in the learning process. There is no one to express interest if a student is making any progress. That is why most of the students quit online trainings after just a few lessons. Anarbekovs created a ‘Steppix’ project in order to prevent such cases from happening. As Adlet admits, the learning process became fast, easy and interesting due to this project. Most importantly, it is visual and technological.

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